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  • A little love goes a long way. And by a little, I mean a lot. We talking doodles anyway right? They just can’t get enough. 

  • But let’s be intention about when and how we give this affection as it a great tool for training purposes!

  • Like getting potty training down, when you puppy pees outside, praise him/her obnoxiously! Start saying pee! If they pee! Give them all the pets and love! Cause they deserve it! Don’t be afraid to shower them with love, it’ll make them great well trained adults, you’ll see!


  • When I first got my oldest Puppy Bailey, I remember someone telling me, a puppy needs to see 1 new thing every day for the first year of its life it you want you dog to be well rounded, confident, and stress free.

  • At that time I lived in San Diego, California and there were plenty of places to take her to experience that new one thing a day.

  • I remember one day I took her out to the beach, and a surfer in a wet suit comes out the water with a huge surf board and she froze! She literally did not know what was happening. Until the surfer greeted her with a few pets, she realized it was just a person. And that is just one day’s example!

  • Now, 4 years later.. she can recognize people in different types of clothes, with things in hand, making all types of sounds and is not frightened. She just studies them until she realizes a real threat. They maybe she’ll bark. But she does not go into fight or flight, not nearly as much as sheltered dogs do! 


  • Nutrition starts by introducing healthy food during early stages of development. Here at The Bailey Doodles we are pro fruit and vegetable are dogs are omnivores are there are core macro and micro nutrients that’s are key to heathy renal, skeletal, and neurological development!

  • There are tons of lists of fruits and vegetables that are safe for you puppy! Though it does not replace their protein diet, it is great as a supplement or treat, just remember.. no grapes, no citrus, and no seeds! 


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