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It all started with a grandson who just so happened to have both sides of his family breeding dogs. One side bred Chihuahuas and the other Shih Tzus. The kid would go on to have a profound love for animals of all kind, deeply invested in animal welfare, animal nutrition, and animal genetics. 

He would later graduate from the prestigious Cornell University, with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science. In his studies he took a keen interest in animal nutrition and genetics. And this young man today is the founder of The Bailey Doodles!

The Bailey Doodles, started with out oldest Dam, Bailey, which is AKC Phantom Moyen Standard Poodle! Which has produced our very first litter of F1b Goldendoodles in Feb 2020!

Today, we operate as a family owned, in house breeder! We own all our dams and sires, and plan to continue to remain a small in-house breeder!

Throughout the years, we have to come not only adore the Goldendoodle breed for its diversity, but its fearless and optimistic nature, and its suitability for apartment living! 

Through participating in many Doodle Group related activities in the Phoenix, AZ, we have learned that this unique group of dog breed owners has two things in common, they embraces individuality and spunk! And with that one of our goals is to continue to bring exceptional breeding into the Doodle world!

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